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Author Topic: Agent 0013's Wide Brim Hat Readme  (Read 1654 times)

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Agent 0013's Wide Brim Hat Readme
« on: November 01, 2013, 02:59:28 AM »
This is a Prop Clothing item that can be adapted to fit any human figure you want to put it on. I have not saved it to any position other than the general location for the heads of most adult figures. By making slight position adjustments, and fiddling with the scale controls, you can get it where you want it on your figure. Once it is in place, Parent it to the figure's head.

Tip: To prevent hair poke through, scale the hat to fit around the top of the hair. There is and inner hatband that provides extra thickness for this purpose.

Legal Stuff
You may use this product in private or commercial renders.
You may not include this product in part or in whole as part of another product pack without the express permission of the creator of this product. You may contact the creator to obtain permission should you choose to do so. (See Contact Info below.)
Important! You may not include this product in anything for use at Second Life's website, as their TOU has been changed to allow them to legally steal from their users!
This product remains the intellectual property of Cleve Major, also known as Agent 0013.

Enjoy and Stay Awesome!
Agent 0013.