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Author Topic: Dawn's Warrior Thigh Band by Agent 0013  (Read 1626 times)

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Dawn's Warrior Thigh Band by Agent 0013
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:35:08 AM »
Here is my fifth product made for Hivewire 3D's Dawn Figure; "Dawn's Warrior Thigh Band".
This time it is not just a piece of jewelry; rather it is a weapon as well. It has a series of spikes around its lower rim that can do some really vicious damage.
She is a beautiful warrior princess with a powerful allure, but let all men beware! Her beauty belies the danger of knowing her too well!

This is an import ready OBJ which can be imported into DAZ Studio 4.5+ or Poser 9+.
Imports in place to be parented to Dawn's right thigh.
It has four material zones that can be use to apply your own shaders.
A set of four DAZ Studio shaders has been applied, which will not work in Poser But you can apply Poser shaders instead.
Textures may be able to be applied through the Materials feature of your app, but this has not been tested.

Enjoy, Stay Awesome!
Agent 0013.