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April 18, 2021, 09:51:05 PM

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Author Topic: Products for Hivewire3D's Dawn  (Read 2175 times)

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Products for Hivewire3D's Dawn
« on: August 22, 2013, 11:57:32 PM »
August 0f 2013 has brought us one of the most talked about figure releases I have seen in a long time; Hivewire3D's new Dawn figure, available for DAZ Studio 4.5+, and for Poser 9+. In the short time since then I have seen a flood of products hit the freebies markets made exclusively for Dawn. Also there have be product for sale that are made for her, which are being offered at sites other than Hivewire3D.com.

In all the freebies I have seen for Dawn thus far, I have not seen any that were jewelry other than the pieces I have made myself. I am offering them here in my Room for members to download and import into their choice of apps to use with Dawn. I don't know yet how to setup a Runtime folder system, so I have made my products as OBJ files which can be imported into either DAZ Studio or Poser. I personally use DAZ Studio, and do not know anything of note about Poser. I do know they are similar programs, with the ability to use much of the same content. As OBJ files, my products will load in place in DAZ Studio; however, I do not know if the same is true for Poser.
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If you download these files and import them as instructed, the first thing you need to do after the import is parent the item to the relevant rigging "bone". For Ear Rings that would be Dawn's head. For other jewelry, it should be the "bone" that is the closest in proximity to the imported object.

For every piece of jewelry I have made for Dawn, I have assigned material zones that can be used to apply your own shader textures. This may also work with texture images you import through your materials editing panel. I have not tested this, so I cannot say it will actually work. That may require that UV mapped templates are made. If you decide to try this, and it works right, I say go for it! Also, if you want to make templates for any of them, feel free to do so!

At any rate, I know that some of these products have a few flaws due to the way I have modeled them, but I am still refining my modeling methodology, and fully expect to get better as I continue to practice. I also expect that I shall soon have the ability to create a Runtime folder structure, and how to convert these files to install formats. At that time I will begin to convert the old files, doing them one at a time until they are all done. Some will then be packed up into a package deal with whole sets of matching jewelry that can be worn by Dawn. These will be uploaded to other sites for sale, but I shall have special offers here for members of PFDLives and PFDDelights, so that they can get them for free.

I plan to continue to make jewelry for Dawn for at least a few more weeks or months, honing my skills as I go and working to improve what I make so that my products are the best I can produce.

Stay Awesome!
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