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Title: Agent 0013's Moebius Bangle
Post by: Agent0013 on October 06, 2013, 01:18:48 PM
This is a model that can be used in multiple ways. The only limit is your own imagination. Though it is called Moebius Bangle, if you use it as jewelry, it can be used to act as almost any piece for any part of your figure. It can be a Crown, a Necklace, a Bangle Bracelet, Ear Rings,  an Anklet, etc. It is a medium polygon model, and this means you can use multiple instances of it to create an entire matching jewelry ensemble without overtaxing your available memory. It can even be used as Decor for your modern or futuristic living spaces or offices. This model is intended to be used in any way you can imagine.

The model is in OBJ format, and has 4 mat zones assigned, which correspond to the 4 parts of the model. It is not UV mapped because the twisted and interwoven nature of it would create templates that would be hard to understand. Instead, this model is intended for smooth shaders in most apps. If you import it into Bryce, any texture you have available in the Materials Library will work with it.

When you import the Model into DAZ Studio, you will find that each mat zone has a shader assigned to it. These are DAZ Shaders for DAZ Studio, and may not work in other apps. I suggest assigning shaders compatible with the app you are using. As mentioned already, Bryce can add extra textured detail.