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Title: Dawn's Sunrise Signet Ring by Agent 0013
Post by: Agent0013 on August 22, 2013, 08:13:22 AM
Princess Dawn goes into her private quarters, sits at her dressing table, lights a red candle and then opens a shallow drawer. From that drawer she takes a sheet of sheepskin parchment, a writing quill, and a bottle of Indian ink. She proceeds to write a short message to her betrothed to explain why she cannot attend the Ball his father is conducting tonight. She writes an apology, signs the message, dabs a small touch of her special perfume on the message, and folds it in her special way. Next she pours a small amount of wax from the lit candle across the outer edge of the folded message, lets it cool a little, and then presses her Signet Ring into the wax. When the wax has cooled enough to allow, she removes her Signet Ring and inspects the seal she just created. Her name and  symbol are now in the hardened wax in reverse. She holds it up to the mirror to see if it can be read, and is satisfied with the results. She takes the sealed message to her handmaiden and bids her deliver it to her betrothed with all haste. The handmaiden sets out immediately.

This product is Dawn's Sunrise Signet Ring. It is my second product made for Dawn. It has two material zones included so you can apply Shader textures of your choice to it. One set of metal shaders is provided for DAZ Studio, however these will not work with Poser. If you are using Poser, you can apply Poser shaders instead.

This product is in OBJ format and must be imported into DAZ Studio or Poser. If you use the default import scale for your chosen app it should load into the scene in the correct position to allow immediate parenting to the first "Bone" of Dawn's left middle finger. Do all parenting before posing Dawn. In Poser some adjustment may be needed to position the Signet Ring correctly. You can use the image provided in the zip to see where to position it.

Stay Awesome!
Agent 0013.
Title: Re: Dawn's Sunrise Signet Ring by Agent 0013
Post by: grange on August 23, 2013, 03:46:40 AM
Nice, but as I know nothing about poser shaders and their use I'll give it a bye