I hope anyway...LOL  Please pass this around to others

I think we are ready to start posting again, please let me know if anything is amiss and I wil try to smack it into shape. It put up quite a struggle and I am sorry it took so long.

Have fun..... and just in case:

When you do get to come in and log in again PLEASE:
1. (If already showing you are logged in) LOG out.
2. Delete all cookies for
3. Clear cache and old bookmarks
4. Quit browser you are using.

The turn your browser back on and log in, the above should also clear out any pending sessions and you should be able to log in as usual and actually be YOU again, I hope.

Anyway, when you get back the forum and gallery should not give you issues, NO new logins to learn, No re-registrations, business as usual.

The donations will still be the same as always, no need to change them so any and all will be appreciated so that the domain registrations can get taken care of for each year and if there should be anything needed to be needed for other site things they will be in there too.

Love you all and wish me luck that the site behaves itself...LOL

IF you need to get hold of me just use the contact form at my site Fantasy Attic



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